Holiday Nigeria™ is a leading travel and tourism management franchise operating from Nigeria to all West African tourist destinations.


Holiday Nigeria™ has been a registered trademark in Nigeria since 2014. It is owned and operated by Destination Marketing Extra Limited (RC: 888273), a tourism management company registered in Nigeria. Note therefore, that ALL tourism, travel and hospitality service sales and business transactions with Holiday Nigeria ™ are in fact, legally, transacted with Destination Marketing Extra Limited, the trademark owner. To this end, ALL invoices and receipts will carry the name and logo of Destination Marketing Extra Limited. 

Holiday Nigeria™ is a wholesale tour operation brand operating in the Nigerian and the broader West African travel market. The brand specializes on Nigerian tourism destination management services for both inbound tourists and the travel trade.

Over the years, the brand has built tourism destination ground handling systems and structures across West African tourism value-chains including flights booking, hotel reservation, scheduled tours, event marketing and culture tourism exhibitions.

Essentially, we focus on providing bespoke travel market segments based on Nigeria and West Africa’s tourism comparative advantage, namely culture tourism, adventure tourism, eco-tourism and safari tourism.

All our tour consultants are tourist-friendly and adept at tailor-making tour packages to meet your tourism interests and travel budgets. To this end, our brand services are easily segmented into franchise tours and scheduled tours.

Typically, our franchise tours are full inclusive tours (FITs) to Nigeria and West Africa’s pristine destinations, mostly off the beaten track, and customized to tourists’ idiosyncrasy and travel budgets. In this regard, we target families, groups and resident expatriates.

Similarly, our scheduled tours are predetermined routine tours to popular destinations in urban centres, such as city tours, travel events and conference tourism services. Accordingly, we target business travelers and conference participants.

We recognize that tourism is entirely a service industry, as such, as tour operators we are merchants of dream destinations and memorable experiences.


Licenses & Affiliations

Both Holiday Nigeria™ and the trademark owner, Destination Marketing Extra Limited, have several Nigerian statutory and professional operating rights and licenses to provide paid, legal and industry standardized travel and tourism services to domestic and international tourists.

For want of space, we will mention only three licenses and permits:


1. Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC)

The Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) is the only statutory agency of government empowered by law to register businesses and companies that operate in Nigeria. Accordingly, every registered company by CAC must have a unique registration number and certificate.

In this case, Destination Marketing Extra Limited was duly registered in 2010 with the business registration number given as RC: 888273

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2. Ministry of Trade and Investment

Nigeria’s Ministry of Trade and Investment is mandated by law to register trademarks, patents, copyrights and symbols for legal and commercial entities operating in Nigeria.

To this end, the Holiday Nigeria™ trademark the name and logo was in 2014 duly registered by the Trademark Department of the Federal Ministry of Trade and Investment with a unique registration number.

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 3. Nigeria Tourism Development Corporation (NTDC)

The Nigeria Tourism Development Corporation (NTDC) is the leading Federal government agency that is statutorily mandated to grant tourism business permits, determine trade standards and to market, both locally and internationally, as a tourism destination.

Accordingly, Destination Marketing Extra Limited (RC: 888273) was granted permit by the Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation to provide tour operation services across Nigeria. The permit also has a unique registration number FC/0287/2017. Since then, the Holiday Nigeria™ trademark has been acquired by Destination Marketing Extra Limited.

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Holiday Nigeria is owned and directly managed by Mr. Joesef Karim.

Joesef Karim is a seasoned travel business consultant, a tourism destination manager, an author and creative writer, a branding expert, a marketing communications professional and an website developer. Joesef is a graduate of Tourism Management and holds an MBA in Marketing. More so, he is a certified Advertising Practitioner (APCON) and also a certified Africa Tourism Destinations Specialist. Read more about Joesef on Google's Academia. See

In April 2013, Joesef authored a book: Travel & Tour Operations in Nigeria. The book has since been adopted as a training material by some tourism departments in Polytechnics and Universities across Nigeria. Additionally, every quarter, Joesef provides hands-on trainings on 'Tour Packaging & Sales Strategy' for travel agencies in Nigeria. 

Presently, Joesef is the Public Relations of Officer of the Federation of Tourism Associations of Nigeria (FTAN), a fellow of the Institute for Tourism Professionals (ITP), a co-founder of Afro Tourism Expo - a travel and tourism exhibition event and the publisher of Nigeria Travel Digest - a leading online Travel Magazine in Nigeria.

Presently, Joesef is the Public Relations Officer of the Federation of Tourism Associations of Nigeria (FTAN) - the umbrella body of the organized private sector in Nigeria's tourism and hospitality industry. See his profile on the FTAN website.

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